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If you do not have an independent testing laboratory nearby, then look under your county government offices in your local telephone book to see if your area is served by an Agricultural Extension Service Office of your home state's land grant university.  If you are unable to find a telephone number for your extension office, call your closest state land-grant school direct, ask for the person in charge of "Extension  Services" or someone in the University's college of agriculture--usually in the Department of Agronomy.

The following is a list of U.S. Land Grant Universities: 



Web Address

AL - Auburn University, Auburn www.auburn,edu
AR - University of Arkansas, Fayetteville www.uark.edu
AZ - University of Arizona, Tucson www.arizona.edu
CA - University of California-Davis, Davis www.ucdavis.edu
CO - Colorado State University, Ft. Collins www.colostate.edu
CT - University of Connecticut, Storrs www.uconn.edu
DE - University of Deleware, Newark www.udel.edu
FL - University of Florida, Gainesville www.ufl.edu
GA - University of Georgia, Athens www.uga.edu
HI - University of Hawaii, Manoa www.hawaii.edu
IA - Iowa State University, Ames www.iastate.edu
ID - University of Idaho, Moscow www.uidaho.edu
IL - University of Illinois, Urbana www.uiuc.edu
IN - Purdue University, W. Lafayette www.purdue.edu
KS - Kansas State University, Manhattan www.ksu.edu
LA - Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge www.lsu.edu
MA - University of Massachusetts, Amherst www.umass.edu
MD - University of Maryland, College Park www.umcp.umd.edu
ME - University of Maine, Orono www.umaine.edu
MI - Michigan State University, E. Lansing www.msu.edu
MN - University of Minnesota, Minneapolis www.umn.edu
MO - University of Missouri, Columbia www.missouri.edu
MS - Mississippi State University, Starkville www.msstate.edu
MT - Montana State University, Bozeman www.montana.edu
NC - North Carolina State University, Raleigh www.ncsu.edu
ND - North Dakota State University, Fargo www.ndsu.nodak.edu
NE - University of Nebraska, Lincoln www.unl.edu
NH - University of New Hampshire www.unh.edu
NM - New Mexico State University, Las Cruces www.nmsu.edu
NY - Cornell University, Ithaca www.cornell.edu
OH - Ohio State University, Columbus www.ohio-state.edu
OK - Oklahoma State University, Stillwater www.okstate.edu
OR - Oregon State University, Corvallis www.orst.edu
PA - Penn State University, University Park www.psu.edu
RI - University of Rhode Island, Kingston www.uri.edu
SC - Clemson University, Clemson www.clemson.edu
SD - South Dakota State University, Brookings www.sdstate.edu
TN - University of Tennessee, Knoxville www.utk.edu
TX - Texas A&M University, College Station www.tamu.edu
UT - Utah State University, Logan www.usu.edu
VA - Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State University, Blacksburg www.vt.edu
VT - University of Vermont, Burlington www.uvm.edu
WA - Washington State University, Pullman www.wsu.edu
WS - University of Wisconsin, Madison www.wisc.edu
WV - University of West Virginia, Morgantown www.wvu.edu
WY - University of Wyoming, Laramie www.uwyo.edu

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