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The Hoffer Soil Sampler provides a true picture of the thickness of soil layers, as well as other important information.

What your sample is showing!

Anytime during the growing season, your soil sample reveals the following at a glance:


Depth of soil layers

Placement of compacted areas
Color differences at different levels
Location of plow soles
Clay pans or other hard pans
Even soil aggregates that need breaking up.

Careful testing of the samples by qualified technicians will give accurate information on the percentage of organic matter, pH, available potassium, and the distribution of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, magnesium and exchangeable calcium.  The testing also can indicate what type of fertilizers are needed and the best placement of future fertilizer applications.

Hoffer Soil Samplers let you get the most out of soil testing.

Conditions that limit your yield or add unnecessary costs can be easily identified with the Hoffer Sampler.   And because of the clean-cut cores obtained, detecting compactions of different areas of field is simple.


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