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The Hoffer Soil Sampler features...they're what makes us a cut above the rest.

The Hoffer Soil Sampler is the world's number one choice.  Here's why:

Firm, well formed samples are possible because the Hoffer Soil Sampler can be pushed straight into the soil and pulled straight out again.  There is no distortion to the soil core.

Quick and easy to use, just push, turn slightly then pull.  It's that simple.  The Hoffer Soil Sampler can be easily wiped clean for successive sampling, too.

Durable construction.  The Hoffer Soil Sampler is fabricated from top-quality steel tubing.  It is electroplated with copper, then chromed.  This special finish not only gives complete corrosion resistance, but also keeps soil from sticking to the sampler as it is withdrawn.


Quality designed and manufactured by JBK  Manufacturing.  The Hoffer Soil Sampler was invented over 30 years ago by E. J. Nutter and the late G. N. Hoffer, Purdue agronomist.  It is used with confidence by farmers, agronomists, universities, university and vocational instructors and government agricultural specialists throughout the world.

The Unique 36" Hoffer Sampler allows for more in-depth soil probing.  Many users find it easier and more comfortable to use.

Versatile uses, in addition to agricultural soil sampling, include maintaining country club and resort landscaping, fertilizing trees and seeding lawns.


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