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What kind of "tip" is on the Soil Sampler?

The "tip", like the rest of the Sampler, is made from an excellent quality of steel tubing, which is then electroplated with copper, and finished with chrome plating.  The tip is drawn by a special process which allows smooth entry of the soil core into the tube, as well as prevention of unnecessary deformation of the soil.  The tip is not replaceable.  However, heat hardening of the Soil Sampler's sharpened "tip" can assure extensive use of the Sampler for a number of years, depending upon the extent of its use and the conditions under which it is used.

How big is the "window slot", used to retrieve the soil, on a 21" sampler?...on a 36" sampler?

The "slot" is 14 3/8" long by 15/16" across, on both the 21" and the 36" Hoffer Soil Samplers.

Is there a "step bar" to assist insertion of the sampler into the ground?

Under normal conditions, unless the ground is extremely dry and hard, the force exerted by the technician's arms should be enough to insert the device into the ground and obtain a representative soil sample.

If I collect my own soil samples, where can I send them to be analyzed?

Your telephone book may provide the answer to this question.  Check the "Yellow Pages" in your directory under the categories "Laboratories - Testing,' 'Chemists - Analytical and Consulting," or other similar designations.  Independent laboratories that do soil testing will usually advertise here.

If you do not have an independent testing laboratory nearby, review our list of land grant universities.


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