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The History of the Hoffer Soil Sampler


A young Mechanical Engineer named Erv Nutter was trying to build a manufacturing company.  He was seeking ideas for products that would lend themselves to his particular area of expertise...the bending and forming of metal tubing.  Nutter decided to drive to Purdue University on an upcoming weekend to hear Dr. G. N. Hoffer, a noted Agronomist of that School. During the course of Dr. Hoffer's talk, he emphasized the importance of soil sampling to determine soil conditions and fertility prior to planting a crop.  Dr. Hoffer told the assembled group that he had a fairly simple idea for a tubular soil sampler, but had not found anyone interested in making it yet.

Following the seminar, Nutter approached Dr. Hoffer to discuss his soil sampler concept with him.  It was decided that Nutter would go home and see what he could come up with based on Dr. Hoffer's ideas.

What Dr. Hoffer and Erv Nutter came up with is still pretty much the same soil sampling instrument manufactured today by JBK Manufacturing and Development Company, near Dayton.  Over the years, JBK paid a small royalty to Dr. and Mrs. Hoffer, for each soil sampler that was sold.  Literally thousands of the instruments have been shipped around the world to Universities, Golf Courses, Agricultural ministries in foreign countries, farmers and others involved in agriculture who recognize and believe in the value and importance of soil sampling and testing.

JBK Manufactruing is proud to still be the sole source for the Hoffer Soil Sampler...guaranteeing to you the same integrity of design, material, workmanship and durability that our customers have come to expect for fifty years.


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